The Brilliance Series: Abstract

The Brilliance Series invites you to take a closer look at the Emergenetics® Attributes. Whether you are craving more information about your own Profile or are interested in better understanding the preferences of others, the series will offer insights to shine a light on the genius of each Attribute.

Abstract Thinking Overview

At Emergenetics, we use the term Abstract to describe a person who has preferences for Analytical and Conceptual Thinking. A sentiment that we associate with this combination of thought is:

I see the forest and want others to count the trees.

Abstract thinkers tend to get energy when they have the freedom to focus on the big picture and universal ideas grounded by facts and research. While the rational approach of the Analytical Attribute may seem to be at odds with the whimsical style of the Conceptual Attribute, these Thinking preferences unite to produce a powerful combination.

Its Brilliances

Abstract thinkers bring a multitude of gifts to a workplace, project or team. Some of the qualities that help them stand apart include:

  • An imaginative and data-driven approach
  • A penchant for brainstorming rooted in logic
  • A capacity for creating a compelling and rational vision
  • An innate sense of what ideas will work backed by research and data
  • An affinity for finding sound connections between seemingly unrelated concepts
  • A gift for problem-solving to find efficient and systemic solutions to big-picture opportunities and challenges

A New Way to Think About This Combination

As we explore the various combinations of thought, we’ll showcase them through the lens of music. Watch the video to learn more about what sort of song sheet someone with an Abstract preference may be singing from.


Motivating Abstract Thinkers

To see the gifts of an Abstract thinker truly come to life, it’s important to cultivate an environment where they can thrive. If you prefer Abstract thinking, I invite you to evaluate the list below and identify opportunities to introduce these practices into your day-to-day life. If you are collaborating with or coaching an Abstract thinker, consider how to integrate the actions into your exchanges to help them feel more engaged.

To motivate this thinking combination, be mindful to:

  • Give them the freedom to work in the way they feel is best
  • Paint the picture of the initiative, using broad strokes to illustrate the purpose and possibilities
  • Clarify the importance of their work with connections to long-term impact and value
  • Align with trending topics and future-focused opportunities
  • Create space for them to share their expertise and ideas
  • Introduce elements of the unusual to get their gears turning

Flexing into Abstract Thinking

If you are working with someone who enjoys this thinking combination, the strategies below can help you to better connect, communicate and collaborate with them. Be thoughtful to:

  • Skip the details and stay focused on the high-level (think: bullet points)
  • Leave time for questions and tangents as they arise
  • Honor their experiences and ideas with openness and curiosity
  • Ask open-ended questions to allow their mind to explore and evaluate the possibilities
  • Change things up with graphs and imagery if you are presenting information
  • Have some data points from a credible source to back up your thoughts
  • Invite fun and humor into the conversation – it’s not all about data and reasoning!

By engaging Abstract thinkers and finding ways to speak to their interests and needs, teams and organizations will benefit from their out-of-the-box and logical insights, ideas and knowledge. At the same time, the people with this thinking style will feel respected and valued, leading them to be more productive, engaged members of the group.

As we continue with the Brilliance Series, you can expect to see more posts about the different combinations of thought as well as some of our behavioral groupings, so you can learn how to bring the best out of yourself and others. Stay tuned!

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