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Everyone has a certain aesthetic that speaks to them in a website. With my Social and Conceptual preferences, I like websites with bold imagery and a connection to people like Woven. In comparison, my teammate with Analytical and Structural preferences gravitates toward sites like Joe’s New Balance Outlet that highlight the value they are providing and organize content with thorough, clean navigation.

With very different perspectives, it could seem complicated to create a cohesive website that has something for everyone. By applying a WEapproach (Whole Emergenetics® approach), I know that it is absolutely possible!

When we launch a major initiative at Emergenetics International, our first step is to build a WEteam, or a cognitively diverse group whose members collectively reflect all four Emergenetics Thinking Attributes and a range of preferences across the Behavioral Attributes.

Teams that are cognitively diverse tend to be more innovative, reduce risk as well as problem solve more effectively and at a faster pace. When you’re juggling major projects alongside day-to-day responsibilities, efficient problem solving becomes even more vital.

While a WEteam is important, that alone isn’t enough to ensure success. You also need to:

  • Assemble a competent team
  • Create the right climate
  • Remain mindful of the Attributes

Building Our WEteam with NEWMEDIA

While our internal team had experience in conceptualizing and launching websites, none of us are web developers. We needed to find a trusted partner to bring our ideas to life, adhere to relevant best practices and offer guidance to improve our site’s performance.

After a thorough interview process, we partnered with NEWMEDIA, a Denver-based firm that has expertise in web development, design and user experience. We were also impressed with their great references and appreciated that the NEWMEDIA team was truly enthusiastic about getting to know the solutions we deliver.

Creating the Conditions for Success

To help us learn how to work together most effectively, we hosted a Meeting of the Minds workshop with NEWMEDIA. Through the session, our development team had the chance to experience one of our most popular programs and learn about the products they would help us promote. The experience allowed us to talk with one another about our Emergenetics Profiles, the ways we preferred to think and behave and how these preferences could show up throughout the project.

It was a fun way to kick off the initiative as well as learn how we could communicate and collaborate more effectively. It also gave us a language to navigate obstacles, express our inclinations and most importantly, use the seven Attributes to help guide the creation of the website we were building together.

Keeping the Attributes Top of Mind

As we created content, developed the architecture and designed the layout, the Attributes remained at the forefront. In the final product, you can see each of them show up in a number of ways.


To answer the question why (the driving question of the Analytical Attribute), we knew we needed to show the value of our offerings. To do so, the site includes relevant statistics and connects the impact of Emergenetics to expensive business challenges like miscommunication and retention.

Expertise and credibility are important to the Analytical Attribute, which is why we feature case studies as well as links to relevant blog posts throughout the site. In addition, we have a section dedicated to our science.

Visually, the Analytical Attribute prefers a clean layout where it can digest high-level information, so we were mindful to section out content to draw attention to essential information.

Pen On PaperStructural

The Structural Attribute is most interested in how. To address this need, we have a section of our website called How We Help, details into the initial steps to partner with us and opportunities to access more resources to further explore our solutions.

Through our organized navigation menus and submenus, individuals have a clear pathway to relevant information and potential next steps.

The Structural Attribute appreciates reliability, so we employ a consistent color scheme within each section of the website and introduce standard elements to each landing page such as testimonials, contact information and additional resources.

People talking bubbles iconSocial

Who is the priority question for the Social Attribute, which is why a section of our site is dedicated to Who We Help. Given the many possible applications of Emergenetics, featuring our most common partners gives us an opportunity to demonstrate that all types of people and organizations can benefit from our offerings.

We also describe the positive impact Emergenetics has had on others and our community. Those insights come to life through case studies, which are available across the site, as well as on the Corporate Social Responsibility page.

People are featured prominently in our imagery and iconography, including on our Careers page which displays photos of staff members who are quoted about why they love working at Emergenetics.

Light bulb with brain inside iconConceptual

The Conceptual Attribute is driven by what if. To encourage experimentation, visitors can take part in an interactive pop quiz that offers a taste of Emergenetics. Our home page also allows individuals to explore different Thinking and Behavioral preferences through iconography.

The big picture engages this Attribute, so we provide content such as our About Us page and explainer video that share high-level insights into Emergenetics.

To create a visual environment that connects for visitors with a Conceptual preference, we use bright colors, imagery and icons.

Two talking bubbles iconExpressiveness

Expressiveness helped inform the creation of our “Get in Touch” menu. To make sure visitors can connect in their preferred method, we offer forms, emails and phone calls as potential avenues. Through the personality pop quiz and blog, individuals can learn more about Emergenetics before speaking with us.

Car iconAssertiveness

Assertiveness shines through in the ways we encourage individuals to experience the content at their own pace. Visitors can work through the content steadily, digesting all the information available, or they get in touch from any page and get their questions answered quickly!

Arrow on sign pointing in different directions iconFlexibility

Flexibility comes to life through the opportunity to choose your own adventure. While each landing page has a consistent experience in design and directs the visitor to connect with us or learn more, there are options that each person can choose from.

By engaging a competent team that naturally considers each Attribute as well as taking time to reflect on the needs of every preference, you can develop an end product that speaks to the many ways people prefer to engage, interact and think. The WEapproach method applies to far more than just websites, so you can employ the tactic on your next project, whatever it may be.

Now comes the fun part – exploring our new website! As you navigate the site, you can see the Attributes come to life in the content, style and structure. I hope you enjoy the new!

If you’d like to learn more about applying cognitive diversity to your work, click here or fill out the form below to speak with a team member today!

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